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YB Series Prefabricated Substation
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YB Series Prefabricated Substation

  In general, YB series prefabricated substation is fully made use of in the distribution network of 50HZ, 6-10KV and its rated capacity is about 30 to 2000KVA. The substation can be suitably used for high-rise buildings in urban areas, residential quarters, factories, hotels, parks, oil fields, airports, wharves, railway stations, shopping centers and other power supply places with temporary facilities. It can be used both in looped distribution network system and terminal supplier system for radial grid.
  Characteristic Features:
  1. The HXGN series switchgear for loop network is widely adopted as for the high-voltage side and it is respectively equipped with acrogenic switches, pneumatic switches, vacuum-loaded switches or switches entitled ‘SF6’.
  2. As for the low-voltage side, it adopts the latest molded case circuit breakers, which enables it to function quite well in terms of its breaking and protective abilities.
  3. Either oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers can be appropriate for the specific substation.
  4. When it comes to the major material of the body shell of the substation, aluminum alloy, steel, composite board and many others are available. As for its cover, it is double-deck. Lined with insulating material, it can effectively block the thermal radiation.
  5. Cooling equipment and anti- condensation device are both included.

  Conditions of Use:
  1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m.
  2. Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃.
  3. Relative humidity: when the air temperature is 25 ℃, the corresponding relative humidity is supposed to be less than 90%.
  4. Wind speed: ≤ 35 m/s.
  5. Seismic acceleration: the horizontal acceleration is supposed to be 0.4m/s2 while the vertical acceleration is supposed to be 0.2m/s2.
  6. Operation places: no risk of fire or explosion, the chemical corrosion and violent vibration are to be avoided as well.

  Technical Parameters:
   Main transformer capacity: 30-2000KVA
   High-voltage side
   Rated voltage: 10KV
   Rated current: 43-2890A
   Rated short-circuit breaking current: 31.5-40KA
   Rated short-circuit current: 50KA
   Low-voltage side
   Rated voltage: 0.4KV
   Rated current for main switch: 200-2500A
   Rated breaking capacity for main switch: 30-65KA

  Ordering Instructions
  Product model, rated capacity, rated voltage for high voltage (KV), regulator series and the percentage of tap voltage, rated voltage for medium voltage (KV), rated voltage for low voltage (KV), impedance voltage (%), label of connectors, and the type of cooling are to be noted.
Special Requirements (Such as the water temperature for cooling, altitude, number of phases, frequency, load tap switch, insulation levels, whether with the cart, etc.).