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  In order to implement our service tenet of integrity management, professional technology, motivated development and excellent service, our company is devoted to providing the most satisfactory pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service to our customers. Following are our solemn commitments to customers
  1.Before ordering, you will be provided with our general product descriptions, a series of detailed account for commodity, instructions, quotation sheet and related qualification certificate to have a knowledge of our product characteristics.
  2.After signing the technical agreement, we will provide clients with the general assembly drawing, base drawing, drawing information and technical requirements within 15 days. The technical requirements of the agreement will be implemented strictly to provide brand-new, advanced, mature and reliable products.
  3.It is ensured that all processes, components, accessories and tests for products comply with the national standard or client-specified standard.
  4.After the sale, technicians will be sent on site installation supervision to insure the perfect installation when needed. We also assist in the period of testing and commissioning to put it in operation well.
  5.The technicians are responsible for the detailed explaining of technical documents, drawing, answering and solving all problems about our products.
  6.After sale, our company will make every effort to assist in the problem and make sure it put into operation in time if any malfunction caused during the quality guarantee period.
  7.We will establish client dossiers, keep track of our sold products regularly and carry out the regulation of lifelong after sale service, so that problems can be solved promptly.
  Regarding the following malfunction, our company is under no obligation.  
  1) Damage caused by your failure operation and maintenance.
  2) Damage caused by power failure.
  3) Damage caused by repairing and dismantling by non-professional technicians of our company.
  4) Damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure, such as earthquakes and fires.

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