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SC(B)11 Dry-type Power Transformers
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SC(B)11 Dry-type Power Transformers

  Characteristic Features
  Low Loss: Its no-load loss is more than 20% lower than the SCB11 series products. Besides, it is energy-saving, economical as well as maintenance-free.
  Low Noise: The noise level is 10 to 15 db lower than the existing professional standard, namely, JB/T10088-1999 "6-220KV Transformers’ Sound Level ".
  Low Partial Discharge: The most advanced stirring method and vacuum film-degassing technologies employed in the resin mixture enable the mixture to be stirred evenly and the air bubbles inside fully removed. Its partial discharge is extremely low, which can be controlled in 5PC. Besides, the high and low voltage coils are both cast in a vacuum and pressure condition, which contributes greatly to the full coating and self-purification capacity among layers of the resin insulation. Moreover, the casting body is fairly dense in terms of its solidification structure, flame-retardant, explosion-proof as well as pollution-free. The insulating materials used for winding coils such as glass fiber is with self-extinguishing property, in which case, it won’t produce any arc because of the short circuit, or bring about any toxic, harmful gases under high temperature.
  High Mechanical Strength: The resin with filler narrows the difference in terms of the coefficient of expansion of the casting body, the shrinkage rate, and the internal stress. It also helps strengthen the hardness of the cured to some extent. Besides, the preformed reinforcing materials placed in the coating layer of the epoxy resin’s high and low voltage’s inner and outer surface are dense in structure just like the reinforced concrete, which makes its mechanical strength much stronger than pure epoxy, under which circumstance it is able to withstand the sudden short-circuit electrical power without being damaged.
Main Performance Parameters of the SC (B) 13 Dry-type Transformers


  1. The amorphous distribution transformers are manufactured by referring to the production requirements of the ultra-high-pressure products, which is high in terms of its quality assurance.
  2. It is pretty energy-saving, which can greatly reduce its no-load loss.
  3. Strict production management, scientific process design, advanced production process, the shortest process of production are all its characteristic features.

  Technical Innovations
  1. The advanced coil production equipment and technology solve the coil width‘s error completely, which makes the zero for zero assembly possible.
  2. Full vacuum oiling process online of the body part effectively ensures the quality of oiling as well as improves the insulation capability of distribution transformers greatly.
  3. As for the iron core, it adopts the three-phase and three-column technology. When it comes to the transformers, it is low noise, small in size and low cost. Furthermore, special tooling is fully employed in the process of iron molding while the vacuum annealing process has been fully realized for iron core’s annealing as well, which fully guarantees the core’s performance.
  4. The production of fuel tank adopts the technology of German automatic corrugated tank production line, on which condition, the molding is in place, welding turned out reliable, leakage is completely avoided. Moreover, the outdoor powder coating baking process applied throughout the process of the coating of the fuel tank’s surface enables the uniform, smooth coating, strong adhesion, excellent aesthetic, and strong resistance to corrosion to be realized.
  5. In terms of the test for finished product, automatic test equipment is widely employed. The test items are all operated and finished only once. As for the results of the test, it will undergo the automatic contrastive judgment in general, with no human factors involved, which ensures the uniformity and accuracy of the product’s performance.
The load of SH15-M-30~2500/6~10 series products is declined by 15% based on the standard value of GB/T 6451 while its no-load loss is reduced by 70% ​on the basis of the standard value of GB/T 6451. When it comes to its executive standard, it’s in compliance with the JB/T 10318-2002 "Technical Parameters of the Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy-cored Distribution Transformers".