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ZGS9-(Z) Intelligent Modular Box-type Transformer
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ZGS9-(Z) Intelligent Modular Box-type Transformer

  Description of Product
  Generally speaking, ZGS9-(Z) intelligent modular box-type transformer is the most fundamental and ideal equipment suitable for substations when it comes to the combination of module, compact miniaturization as well as integrated intelligentialization for the automatic programming terminal of distribution network, which makes the three-phase linkage, complete-phase operation , continuous power supply as for the transformer possible. Besides, it can be equipped with remote control devices to achieve the four remote functions. It can be manual, motor-operated and the maintenance is free, which means the corresponding reduction in costs of the personnel’s maintenance. Given the several points mentioned above, this kind of transformer is widely applied in various parks, plants, railway stations, wharves, hotels, villas, residential areas and many other places.

  Characteristic Features
  1. All the 10 KV grid lines are operated automatically, and the faults can be positioned with the help of automation as well. Moreover, the automatic isolation of fault sections and the power restoration of non- fault sections can also be automatically realized.
  2. It can significantly improve the reliability rate of power supply, reduce the time needed to restore the power supply to dozens of seconds in those fault sections. In other words, there is no need to waste time in patrolling the lines.
  3. ZGS9-(Z) intelligent modular box-type transformer can be of great help in improving the quality of power supply, increasing the revenue from electricity sales and reducing the maintenance time and operation costs during power outage.
  4. The relative technologies are reliable, flexible, and easy to understand. Besides, the additional communication channels as for trade fares required for second stage can be easily upgraded.
  5. The vacuum circuit breaker is ultra-small but is pretty reliable and durable. Besides, its insulation property is fairly excellent.
  6. It is double-door, and the technology of natural cooling is also adopted throughout the production process of this kind of transformer.
  7. Fully sealed and insulated cable connectors are widely applied in terms of high-voltage lines. The product has no bare charged body, which makes it safe and reliable.

  Conditions of Use
  1. Altitude ≤ 1000m.
  2. The ideal ambient temperature is supposed to be minus 30℃ to 40℃.
  3. It is supposed to be installed in the places where there is no fire, no explosion or violent vibration, no metal corrosion and the ground tilt angle is supposed to be less than 5 degrees.
  4. For other items not included in the technical specifications here, the users can contact with the department of technology to figure out a solution and note it while ordering.

  Description of Model