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SC (B) 10 Dry-type Transformer
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SC (B) 10 Dry-type Transformer

     The performance indicators of the dry-type transformers produced by our company are all proved to be in line with the national standards and it turned out to be reliable in accordance with the users’ personal experiences. Besides, it has reached the advanced level domestically as well. The advanced foreign manufacturing technologies adopted in this series of dry-type transformers, namely, the SC (B) 10 dry-type transformer, the complete, accurate, clear design drawings and technical documents, advanced equipment, stable manufacturing processes and the complete means of determination all lay a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.
  Performance Parameters:
  1. The main performance parameters for SC (B) 10 are as follows.
  2. Phases: 3
  3. Working Frequency: 50HZ
  4. Level of Insulation Endurance: F
  5. Average Temperature Rise of Winding: ≤ 100K
  6. Magnitude of Partial discharge: less than 5pc
  Epoxy pouring dry-type power transformer entitled SC (B) 10 is produced according to the standard "Dry-type Power Transformers". It is energy-saving, economical and maintenance-free. Moreover, in addition to its advanced technological structure, high-level resistance to short circuit and lightning shock, it is flame-retardant, damp-proof, dust-proof, low noise and it can penetrate into the load center as well, all of which greatly contributes to its wide application in high-rise buildings, airports, railway stations, docks, power plants, substations, especially those inflammable and explosive places with strict fire safety requirements.
  The standard transformer produced by our company is shell-free, and its level of protection is IP00. However, the shell of the transformer with the protection rating of IP20 and IP23 can be available at the clients’ requests. In terms of the material of the shell, there are ordinary steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminium alloy ones to be chosen from to suit the needs of the clients. What’s more, acid pickling, phosphating, plastics-spraying are also feasible. With a temperature control display instrument and a load recorder installed in the low-voltage side of the shell, it is easy to observe for the users as well as safe and reliable.