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SG (B) 10H Insulating Dry-type Power Transformer
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SG (B) 10H Insulating Dry-type Power Transformer

  In general, it is typical of SG (B) 10-type H-class insulating dry-type power transformer to withstand strong thermal shock and bear enormous overload capacity. Besides, it is flame-retardant, fire-resistant as well. What’s more, the low loss, low amount of partial discharge, low noise, environmentally-friendly impact can also be included in its characteristic features. Some other points that are to be added here are that it is not sensitive to humidity and dust, not easy to crack, small in size, and easy to maintain, in which regard, it can be cited as the most appropriate choice for those rugged surroundings with strict fire protection requirements, fluctuate wildly in terms of load or some harsh areas. For instance, the airports, power plants, metallurgical-operating areas, hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, densely populated areas as well as the petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines and other special conditions are all more than a little noteworthy.

1. Characteristic Features:
☆ The ability to withstand strong thermal shock and enormous load capacity.
☆ It is flame-retardant, fire-resistant, low loss, low in terms of partial discharge, and low in noise.
☆ It is environmentally-friendly and not sensitive to humidity or dust.
☆ It is small in size, not easy break, but easy to maintain.

2. Description of Model
Here the capital letter S means three phases while the G means the dry-type transformer that is not packed and sealed. As for the letter ‘B’, it represents the low-voltage foil coil, while the number ‘10’ is the code of performance level. Furthermore, the unit for measuring the rated capacity is ‘KVA’ while the unit for rated voltage is universally known as KV.