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New substation in Noida to boost power
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New substation in Noida to boost power
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India, Noida: The third transformer of 400/132 kV system will be energised along with two transformers of 132/33 kV system at the 400 kV substation in sector 123 in April.

This is the third substation in Noida, each of 400 kV capacity, which will together share the load of power transmission in GB Nagar. Built at a cost of $452 M (Rs282.36 crore) the sector 123 substation is part funded by Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Limited (UPPTCL) while the remaining cost is borne by Noida Authority.

“We will be energising three transformers at the 400 kV substation in sector 123 beginning from April this year, in phases. These include one 400/132 kV transformer and two smaller transformers of 132/33 kV system. There are a total eight transformers that have to be energised for the newly constructed sector 123 substation out of which two have already been energised last year,” said Puneet Gupta, superintending engineer, UPPTCL.

“The load of transmission will now be shared by these three substations. Hence the supply of industrial areas as well as sectors along 132/33 kV lines will benefit in coming months,” said Gupta.

The power department has already initiated dual line connections per smaller substations across the city to ensure supply continuity in case one line trips or is detected with a fault.


Source: Times of India