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New transformer set for earthquake-endangered regions
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New transformer set for earthquake-endangered regions
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Switzerland, Sissach: R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin designed a new earthquake-resistant transformer set to make sure the transformers will not move or fall in case of an earthquake.

The new design aims to prevent network failures or damages on the transformers, such as oil leaks, caused by transformers falling.

The new set consists of four adjustable steel ropes for lashing down the transformer, and is thus more flexible than the current solution with steel poles. Together with the set, corner reinforcements are recommended. The ring loops on the transformers are often too weak. The steel ropes are attached to the corner reinforcements and to a wall or the floor.

The set is applicable for all oil-type transformers up to 2,000 kVA or higher on request. Transformers equipped with an oil retention vat are also included.

The new transformer set covers all earthquake zones in Switzerland where the set is already in use.

Source: R&S